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May 07, 2007


pam aries

YaaaRRRR...Don't ya just HATE it when your posts walk the plank!!!! Maybe you can toss in a life perserver and revive the story one day! THe Ocean can be Ornery at times! Love the calming picture of the shore! How are you doinggggg?


Well, as flotsam and jetsam go, those were very pretty pieces indeed! Thanks.

tammy vitale

I want your camera - and I'm in LOVE with that "butterfly" - I would *never* have "seen" it without your eye! Coquinas yes - but of course they lend themselves to the metaphor. Okay - I enlarged it - is that one real wing and one mollusk shell? I am sooooo intrigued!


I love the poem, the photos, and the new design of your web site!


That's lovely, Tinker!


Outstanding images and words have washed ashore in this post, it seems!


That was perfect Tink! Your poetry and pictures made me feel the spray. "Soup for the soul" sigh. XXOO

Crafty Green Poet

the sea has wonderful transformative powers, doesn't it?


Ohhh that is sooo pretty Tinker! Make's me wanta take a walk on the beach!


Lovely photos, and lovely poem. Nice recovery from the several saltier sailor swear words!

- Chel

Paris Parfait

Lovely poem and photo! And yes, that's infuriating when the wrong stroke on the keyboard makes a piece disappear! xo


Oh, Tink, I love what you've written...sorry you lost the other, but that is beautiful...as is the photo. Thanks, it inspired me.


Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Wrote a whole (and I thought, wonderful) entry, and then, ZAP...it was gone. NOTHING more frustrating.


Oh my gosh Terri......gorgeous pictures and wonderful poem! Wish i were as talented as you in that department!



Beautiful, just beautiful! Your pictures are amazing - calming. The poem was great. This was my first blog reading today... I just loved it.


Although your erased words were no doubt wonderful, the pics you posted were beautiful eye candy and the poetry was sweeeeeeet! Still, when I began reading your humorous tirade about the cuss words you didn't really say ;) I automatically began reading that part in Daffy Duck thuffering thuckatash language. You just do that to people!

Lisa Oceandreamer

I hope you don't mind if I stay here for a while staring at these amazing photos. Even when it's just in picture form looking at the ocean this way brings on a very inner calm. And so do your words!
p.s. sometimes a whole slew of "salty" words gets out the frustration of the moment...heehee


The Ocean washed away your original words...and you were left with the heart of it...great poem!!!!!


Well, what you came up with was beautious! And I love your pics. WOW!

I hate when I lose a post like that. Grrr...(hehe) sorry!


Maryam in Marrakesh

I can't tell you how much I miss the ocean here in Marrakech:-( Thank you for sharing yours with me!

Maryam in Marrakesh

I can't tell you how much I miss the ocean here in Marrakech:-( Thank you for sharing yours with me!


Im in love with the visions of this post tink..They are beautiful :)
Peace, Kai


Hi Tinker - I'm sorry you lost the first ocean piece - it's amazing what you can come up with short on time and long on frustration - weird how I can read and view the pictures and feel waves of calm coming over me. Thanks for staying with it.


You make me want to run through the sand and jump into that blue, blue water!
Actually that would be very cold and I am so white and mushy. I love summer, but I am not fond of wearing a bathing suit...but I have no choice as my children Can't Wait to jump in!


Love the butterfly! I'm going to attempt one next time I walk down to the beach! :)
Awe-inspiring photos, simply gorgeous.

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