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May 23, 2007


pam aries

WOwie! THat was a fun road trip! I love it! Whee! 1500 pictures! Ahhhthe age of the digital camera! 'member Brownie cameras???


And I thought we were doing well with all the photos we took last week... you must be going cross-eyed sorting them out!

I especially love the one with the Indian and the Kokopeli on the window, and all of you as 3 generations is great too...


These are great Tinker....How fun traveling with the girls ya love so much.
Hope you indulged in lots of goodies, songs and laughter along the way...Where all did you go?


Sangria? I've never had that before... *accepting a glass, and sipping happily* A cheese log & crackers would also be nice *happily munching*

You all look like such a cute family!!!! But I must confess to you... the pics of you all in front of the canyon? They made me sick to my stomach.

OH! Wait! No, I didn't mean it THAT way!!!! LOL I'm afraid of HEIGHTS, and you could see the horrific drop to the canyon floor below! It was "scawy."


LOL That is an hilarious narration of your road trip. I'd like to have had audio with the pictures. No road trip with my daughter's...scary movies! LOL


Makes me feel like I'm there, too---great pics!

Lisa Oceandreamer

1500 photos? That's all? lol!
This is amazing. The whole idea of this trip and the memories you'll have forever truly moves me. 3 generations of females on the open road would definitely make for a good reality show. Pass the popcorn!
When I was growing up we drove cross country a few times - I still carry those memories and all the sites and the fights(us kids in the back seat), longing for tacky souvenirs and oh yes "are we there yet?". If only we had digi cams then.
I can't wait to see more of your photos and hear more about the trip in posts to come! Thank you for sharing this all with us!

tammy vitale

don't you just love the canyon? and you're so right - photos just don't do it, but they do bring back the picture in your mind's eye and every time I look at mine I'm there.

I look forward to the intrepid road warriors and their amazing journey - thanks for sharing!


Make's me wanta sing... "On the road again, just can't wait to be on the road again!"
Those pictures remind me of my trip from WA to here Savannah,GA. There were four kids in the car. We stopped by an Indian place and got Indian hats for all of us. LOLOLOL It was sooo much fun.
I'm 28yrs now...and remember that very well. So, my bet is that each of those that went on that trip will remember it as well. :) Wonderful memories that feed the soul!
Thanks for sharing!

Daisy Lupin

Oh that seems like so much fun, I want to go on a road trip and stay in American motels and see the GC. I want to sing songs on the road, eat the sort of food you eat on the road etc etc. You must have had one fantastic time.


Oh man I wanna go on a road trip with you guys. What fun! Looking forward to more pics. That looks like old Route 66...is it?


You guys are so cute! I loved seeing these pictures.


You have inspired me to visit the Grand Canyon. I love it that you took that many pictures. What a photo memory package you will have!


Wow!! 1500 photos! That's a lot of memories. It sounds as if you all had a great time. I envy you that you had 3 generations of gals to share this trip. How fun.

You mentioned pretzel thins. Do you mean those fantastic little pretzel chips from Trader Joe's? I'm addicted to them!! May I please have some sangria to go with those. Thanks.


These pictures are great! I loved reading this.. I feel like traveling now.

Paris Parfait

Such fun! Thanks for sharing a bit of your adventures. Love the photos - and 1500 of them? I'd be happy to see them all. I love looking at people's photos, especially impromptu ones. It looks and sounds like a fun (most of the time) trip. xo


What great pictures. I have always wanted to see the Grand and i promise myself i will see it.


Wow...gorgeous and what fun...


What lovely photos and what a wonderful trip. I'm so happy for you!


"The Canyon of all canyons"

You mean Valles Marineris on Mars, right?

"somehow American culture just doesn't seem all that exotic"

You say that, but I've never even *seen* a cowboy or a car chase (except on TV).

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