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May 13, 2007



Have a wonderful time on your road trip! I am soooo envious. Take lots of pics so we can go along with you on a "second chance trip". Happy Mother's Day.


oh Tinker this sounds great - I'm coming along in spirit - hooray for you! and I know that you'll have fun - I am also going away next Sunday to a collage workshop at Omega with Nick Bantock - he wrote Giffin and Sabine - I'm a little nervous about getting all my stuff together before I hit the road...

- see you when we get back

- Happy Mother's Day!

xox - eb.


Oh Tinker....Happy Mother's Day....how fun to take a roadtrip are you traveling through Az.....as opposed to taking the long way around?
Wave when you drive by....or we can meet for a cool refreshment if you'd like.


Happy Mother's Day to you too. ;)

Have fun, and be safe.


Lisa Oceandreamer

Tink,this sounds amazing and wonderful! I can't wait to hear all about it and see photos!! Safe travels and have FUN!!!

Crafty Green Poet

Have a great time!


Have a glorious time! Happy Mother's Day Tink! XXOO

Paris Parfait

Terri, I love your post - and your philosophy about second chances! And I hope you enjoy every moment of your road trip - sounds like a blast! Bonne Fete Maman! xo

Alison Whittington

Aiiaiiaii. I'm gonna miss you. Have a safe and wonderful trip.


How awesome!!! Lucky girls, all of you! Have fun.


I always feel just a little bit HAPPIER when I leave here. What a gift you are! Happy momma's day!


wow...a road trip with girlfriends...what a great (fun) thing! I'm envious.


Oh, that sounds like such fun! I'm sorry I missed you before you left. I haven't had much computer time (it's 3:30 AM right now!) so I haven't been around to visit much. I'll be thinking about you! Have a great time.


I'm commenting again (thru my aol server)so I can maybe get that error msg number for the TP people. Just ignore me! :)


Oh! If you get this before you leave, you MUST play the PT Cruiser game!!!!

It goes like this... when one person spots a PT Cruiser, they say "PT Cruiser, ______'s a loser! Ha ha" and fill in the blank with another person in the car.

The goal is to see the most PT Cruisers, and it is SO MUCH FUN!!!

Anyway... a girls road trip sounds AWESOME!!!! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back! *hug*

pam aries

I know you will have oodles of fun on that THelma and Louise trip! Yay! Don't rob any banks! Wheee! Love ya!


Oooh, a roadtrip!

Unfortunately, I have a road right outside my house, so I don't have to travel so much to reach it. Um, actually, I'm not so sure I understand... o_O


Have a great trip! Happy Mother's day1



Happy Mother's Day!!! :)


Hope you have a great trip, you just sent me down memory lane with games, and road trips. Thanks for that!

Hugs Sherrie


happy belated mums day, happy roadtripping, second chancing and funning!
peace, Kai xxooxx

Daisy Lupin

Oh Tinker, what a lucky lady, a road trip, what better than driving with music blaring and stopping for silly meals en route. I am with you in spirit. Enjoy!


Oh, Tink, I hope you're having a marvelous road trip. They are fun, aren't they! See all the sights in NM for me. It's been quite a while since we've been there.

Safe trip!!


When I read the first paragraph I remembered the "heated games" of the board game " Sorry". I always got sent "home"! Great post. Enjoy your trip.

tammy vitale

oh - you travel like my family! We LOVE playing the state license plate game. Once we had everything (including Hawaii) but Oregon and on the last leg home a jeep with Oregon appeared in front of us and we all yelled at the same time: Oregon!!! It was fun. Simple, but very fun. =]

To add to jana's PT Cruiser game, an older one: punch buggie - whomever sees a VW beetle says punch buggie (color) and gets to punch the person next to them. Of course this can get a bit out of hand, but it's fund anyways.

Safe trip! We'll be waiting to hear all about it.


I thought about board games too when I read the topic second chances!

I wish I wasn't so slow to come around reading - you are in my state - we might have been able to meet! I hope you are having a great time!


I KNOW the trip will be hugely exciting. Will hear all about it when you're back.
lolx Ray

GeL (Emerald Eyes)

I also "hope our planet gives us a second chance to take better care of it."
I like how you wove personal and societal "second chances" into your post.
I bet you're having a terrific time with your girls. I can't wait to read about it!

Thx, too, for your net TLC recently.
I felt those hugs!


Well I'm back safe and sound from my holiday which included driving to and from Scotland which is enough of a roadtrip for me - you must have a more comfortable car to really enjoy them!

Great second chances too - as a child I regret to say I was more interested in seconds as in extra helpings of puddings...

Hope you are back safe and sound soon!


Hope you're having fun!!

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