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May 27, 2007


Maryam in Marrakesh

I think that your thought process is totally normal. I would have been reluctant to waste a third bulb. And how ridiculous to have a package of bad bulbs. You need a refund!


Great example of simple! And beautifully expressed as always.

(We too have recently had a bunch of dud bulbs - but they all worked for a month or so rather than a few seconds so it was more obvious!)


Something like that did happen to me once - that I replaced a dead bulb with a dodgy one that went immediately.

What's great about this story is if you had replaced the switch and everything, and then put another one of those rubbish bulbs in...


You are so funny! We just had 3 computers and 5 lightbulbs go from power fluctuations!!! Now we have 5 new voltage stabilizers. I love Old Town ABQ -- really fun!


The simple solutions are so often overlooked, I agree...welcome home.

Paris Parfait

This is hilarious! Love it!xo


Very funny Tink! XXOO Loved the posts I've missed but we are spending alot of time at the new house (no computer).

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