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May 25, 2007



Very cool! Loved the route 66 stand. XXOO


Wow! Looks awesome! Totally love that sunset!

Paris Parfait

Love the photo of the dinosaurs chasing you! :) And the vintage signs. Can't wait for the next installment. You're getting close to my old stomping grounds of Santa Fe. xo


I remember those dinosaurs! I got a pic of one too. Never figured out why they were there. Gosh, your pics are bringing back such memories! I am loving going on this trip with you!!


Aloha Tink,
What kewl adventures you are having. I got your postcard today. Thankie mucho!!
Is that a dinosoar in the desert? lol
Peace n fun, Kai xxooxx


There are actually alot of dinosaur footprints imbedded in the rocks in that country...and fossils....looks like you woke one up!!!!


Ooooh how fun! I have to backtrack and see what all you've been up to. I got a wonderful Route66 postcard today. Thank you! It made my day.


Oh I love all of your photos. I do so love the digital camera age. Take all the pictures we want. Esp. love the pic of you and the grandgirls.


too funny - chased by prehistoric creatures!

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