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June 10, 2007


pam aries

I wish I would have been there with you! It looks like fun! ..Your Majesty!


oh, oh, oh ! I want some wings!
Tinker - my 50th birthday party in January - I am going to queen for a day!
what a fun time it looks! xox


Her Royal Highness Goodkind PlentyFunny Queen Tinker....it has a nice ring to it!!!!


Nice to see you finally wielding the political power you deserve. Use it wisely...


You make a splendid queen! I think you have found your true vocation :-)

Jill Doughtie

How fun!!! I love the queen picture especially.


Queen for a day, sounds splendid! My wardrobe is sadly lacking in any wings, and yet I feel that every girl ought to have a pair!


What fun! My brother used to go for the boobs, beer and food (in that order). lol


Alison Whittington

Splendid! You're a beautiful queen.

I love ren fairs and the like; wish I could have been there!


Those pictures are great. You all look very happy in them. Thanks for sharing with us.

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