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June 20, 2007



I loved your description of this nest Tink. I'm sure your friend is smiling down at you as you tinker away. :) HUGS


Your description made me think of fairies or gnomes! Pinecones as decorative accents - I love that! Nests are so personal, so comforting. We could all do with a bit of nesting right now. I agree with you about living life and creating and remembering Daisy. I was in Michael's today (being bad!) and I saw daisies on so many things! It was like a sign or something.
Love you :-)


Wow what a great nest - I hope it is a squirrels!

Alison Whittington

How aMAZing! It's beautiful. Most definitely a gnome home. Love the decorating.

I told my husband the other day that, when we have more property, with big trees, that I want a tree house. And he said, "Yeah that'll be nice, when we have kids." And I replied, "No, I mean I want a tree house for me. I've always wanted a tree house. The kids will have to have their own."


Does Big Bird live near you?
I found a little tiny hummingbird nest...no balconys or alcoves...You are right Tinker....we do need to honor Daisy's creative spirit with our own creativity.xoxo


I am in the process of trying to tame my garden, and let me tell you...it prefers to be wild...


Fairies and gnomes? Hardly. It's clearly one of the many winter palaces of the starling royal family.

They move around as much as they can, to keep the foxes and cats on their toes, and it's extremely unlikely that they'll come back - although the fact that they visited in the first place shows how highly they esteem your garden, Tinker.

Paris Parfait

This is a wonderful post - a beautifully-written description of the nest, whatever it is - and your own efforts at helping with the hut. There is something magical about creating, no matter what it is - and I think you're right about Daisy's creative spirit and wanting everyone to continue "tinkering" and creating. You are always an inspiration, Terri! xo


yes - I enjoyed this post as well - my son has built some fairy dwellings - with a swing and an upper platform - I posted it awhile back - but I walk by these little dwellings everyday and they give me so much pleasure - wish that I could help with the nest identification

xox - eb.

pam aries

I'm going with the faeries, elves or gnomes theory! ..Wow... how cool is that! I agree with you that Daisy would be saying the same as if she were here!! It seems so strange ..still.


thats a lovely nst and a wonderfully descriptive detail of it's origins and life..
Perfect for summer. PEace, Kai

tammy vitale

maybe it's a dragon's lair!


I think nest's are sooo beautiful. It's just amazing to me to think that a bird carried lil pieces back and forth until the nest was complete! What a beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing with us!


What a magical story!!


Tinker, your creative spirit and sense of joy and wonder at nature are an inspiration! Enjoy your tinkering!

GeL (Emerald Eyes)

Riveted reading about this amazing nest inspiration. Lovely photo.
Our backyard backs to woods. Many squirrel and racoon nests, but no fairies or gnomes...or maybe I just haven't found them yet. ;)


I am trying ever so hard to smile Tinker, really I am. I am searching through my emails to find those exact words that *daisy* emailed me awhile back.

I am sifting through my thoughts and feelings on my blog, it isn't much fun there at the moment :(

just coming by to say hi & to thankyou for your email of support. xoxo

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