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June 10, 2007



Phew! H-h-hhh-ot!


I love the rhythm and the rhyme of the words in the poem. Very spicy indeed! I couldn't even think about eating some of that stuff or I would have to call 911!

Lisa Oceandreamer

OMG my mouth is on fire and either I'm having a hot flash or I am burning from the inside out!!!! MUI CALIENTE!!
Great poem, great cadence to it!


very hot indeed!


love this Tinker - oh yes the rhythm - all my favorites - what a sensory experience!

xox - eb.


I enjoyed this! Thanks!


Absolutely brilliant Tink! I'm eating at your house. :) This could be a great song.


my little tummie would be in flames if I ate those..lol.
Mind you Tink, the red colours are gorgeous, they are feisty and fiesta-ish.. :)
Peace, Kai xx

Paris Parfait

Fantastic blend of spicy spices and great photos. Reading this made me hungry. xo

tammy vitale

I LOVE this!


Smells like you have emptied the whole spice rack!

Great take on the theme!


did you know that chillie strings can be hung inside the window to keep out the cold and encourage warmth ? yept, I read it somewhere on a Cornish witch site :)


Due to Southwestern living....I know that chile burns twice.....going in and coming out!


Gotta admit I love spicy stuff! How wonderful! Love your pictures and the post is great!

pam aries

Girlfriend..! You are on FIRE! You are the new Spice Girl..Tinker Spice! You certainly peppered your poem with a pinch of this and a dash of that! And what a rack!..heh heh... You must have every savory taste sensation South of the Border! Woo hoho!!! Sorry, couldn't help myself!


are you interested in a prize?

xox - eb

gerry rosser

Hi, I moved my blog to wordpress. Twoblueday.wordpress.com

What a spicy little poem, it lacked only a reference to scotch bonnet peppers to fry my mucuous membranes.


That was great. I love spicy. Love Hugs and Blessings

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