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June 15, 2007



Ohh I think that would be soooo wonderful! To wake up and have everything all cleaned up. Wooo Hooo! I would never have to worry about mopping and all that dusting again! Ohh and alot of people have a problem with cleaning up. Don't feel as if you are ever ever alone in that area. For I certainly am one of them. :)Great post and wonderful imagination!


When you find those elves or fairies please send them my way when you're finished with them! I always enjoy your blog - you have such a way with words and tell a good story. I've missed you recently though. I hope your arm is ok.

I can empathize with you about the computer. I'm still going through the sharing bit. Ugh!

gerry rosser

Hi, I've moved my blog to twoblueday.wordpress.com.

Hope to see you there.

I am the clean-up elf at my house!


House elves sound great! Let me know if you find them, I could use a couple to help deal with my laundry and generally keeping the floor free of stuff. I tend to work on the principal that floor space is designed to be filled, this can however make it hard to find stuff and can cause one to trip over and tread on stuff which oughtn't be trod on!
Looking forward to what you have to say about eccentricity!


I've been really busy too. These house elf burgers don't cook themselves!

Hey, you don't think...?


Good luck interviewing your new housekeepers - make sure you ask the following questions:

Just exactly what and how much will you charge?

Just how often and how clean will they make the house?

Are there any areas that they won't be cleaning?

Remember if there is a way to twist your words the fairies will find it!

Good luck!


LOL Good for you Tink! XXOO

Alison Whittington

Oh, Tinker, I understand the house woes. When we first moved into this house, it hated me, and threw things at me wherever I walked. Now we get along pretty well, although she's a bit miffed that I've let her get so dirty lately. I think she's gained a lot of patience in two years, though, now that she knows my intentions are good.

I hope your wrist feels better very soon.

I think "The Time-Traveler's Wife" is one of the best and most original books I've ever read. The author is a book artist, too, but right now her web site is "under construction."

tammy vitale

A feral house. hmmmmm. I LIKE that! Now I know what category to put my own home in!

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