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June 04, 2007



I'm glad she's dreamy rather than snooty, because I'm definitely a town mouse myself. To me, urban life *is* a mixture between the quiet and the hustle bustle. (As long as by 'quiet' you're not referring to noise levels!)



Tinker, LOL, your drawing is delightful and your description of scanning it and what is happening in the drawing makes me laugh right out loud. I'm with you on the wanting it all - peace and quiet and a bird store 15 minutes away - yes indeed.


I really relate to this whole town/country thing. I grew up in an area much like the one you described, and now I live in a city but not a huge one. I can only take the big cities in small doses because the noise and the traffic and all the people get to me after awhile.

One of my favorite books as a little kid was about the country mouse and her city cousin. I love your drawing.


I think I prefer hybrid living as well...it's great to have nature all around when there is shopping nearby.


Your drawing is too cute Tink! I liked your entry and agree. I'm living in the mountains but I'm only an hour from Sacramento :) XXOO


I love the drawing (Maybe that mouse picked up the cookie in a convenient coffee shop?), and your explanation of why you want the best of both worlds is perfect - captures the conundrum for a lot of us, I'd imagine.


Love it! Love the art, love the post. Is it colored pencil? So soft. My dd gave me a long sleepshirt once. On the front a Christmas scene and it said...I WANT IT ALL, AND I WANT IT NOW!!!! LOL sounds like you.......and me! ;)


thats so cute!!!!
Peace, Kai. xxooxx


I want it all, too. The dream would be a town house AND a country house. Or at least, plenty of vacations! Where you grew up sounds just like the kind of community where my husband grew up, on acreage with lots of fruit trees and goats -- he was in Merced, CA. Me, I've lived mostly in suburbs, some better than others, and one or two medium-sized towns. And Tinker, your drawing is SO CUTE!!!!!!


Me too, me too!



I've just realised you may not have had that story as a child - it was about a duckling that said "me too" all the time... and actually i can't recall more of it at the moment either - it just seemed relevant - especially as i would love to live in just such as place as you describe!

pam aries

Awwww! THat is just too darn cute! I love Miss Mousie and her cookie! You are a great artist, my dearie! My town of Mount Pleasant is fast becoming a built up city! It used to be a little village on the way to the beach...alas now it is overpopulated and overbuilt! I want to move to the country! As a matter of fact.. there used to be the cutest little field mice.living behind me..but that field is now a sprawling business section!


Awww how adorable! :) Thanks for sharing! Wonderful post!

tammy vitale

Love your meeces. And your description of what kind of mouse you are - I agree. I like my very treed 2 acres with fence on one side. I can dream and run around in my pjs here, but amenities aren't that far away. The only problem is that we have reached that certain mark where it we're fighting strip malls on every block so I assume I will be an unhappy city mouse at some too soon point in the future.


After a wonderful week in New York, I'm feeling very much like a tough big city mouse. But then today, I passed a small farm and thought about how I've always wanted to raise goats. Guess that makes me another greedy little mouse who wants it all!

LOVE the illustration...


These illustrations are very well done. It reads like a children's book. I love the colors and detail.


"She's holding a cookie...and the only reason I can think of why that appeared, is because of some association with the children's book, "IF you give a mouse a cookie," must have popped into my head. " Although that IS an awesomely cool book... I think the most likely reason why you gave her a cookie, is that she was hungry. I wouldn't worry unless she started asking for milk to go with it. LOL

Alison Whittington

A great essay, Tinker. I lived in many different places as a kid, but I spent the bulk of my teenage years the hybrids, too, the "outskirts," more a far-flung clump of houses than anything else. I really wish I could have a house in every place I like to live.

Paris Parfait

Terri, I love your tale and your fantastic whimsical art! Just brilliant. xo


Hi Ms Tinker,
I had a pet mouse as a kid, he used to pluck my hair out and chew on it. he was a country mouse :)
I got your postcard, how so sweet of you to think of me, it was very nice.

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