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August 12, 2007


Rob Kistner

This was a fun and fascinating read!

Gillian@ Indigo Blue

Hi Terri,
Just spent some time going around here, love your beautiful blog! (I see your comments on Tara's blog, and it takes me awhile to get around and introduce myself somtimes.)
I love that the feathers found their way to you right when you were in the midst of creating some owl art...very nice!


oh, what a pretty purple look you've got goin on here! love the poem and the art. and gotta love that synchronicity with the feathers. that's truly awesome.


Great poem! And wow about the feathers! I love in when the universe seems to be in tune with whatever we're up to!

raymond pert

Your post genuinely makes me wonder what unknown hand is at work playing these benign practical jokes of synchronicity upon us. I enjoyed your poem, the drawings, and most of all, the feather story. Some trickster is at work in our lives!


Lavender days Tinker.

Just you.

Pam Aries

You write the BEST poems! Yay! I enjoy them so much! AND.. THe feathers! ..Now I have goosebumps too!


Evidence of fairy pillow fights.


Have you ever written a children's book with your own illustration's? You have a real gift with words and drawings. I had to throw it out there because it's stuck in my craw. ;) XXOO


Wow! How cool is that? Great poem and then finding the feathers....OOOhhh magic is afoot!


I loved the words, and the art captured the feeling so perfectly!


Whoa ... spooky, synchronicity, mystery ... your take on it all makes the goosebumps rise! Thank You!


Whoa... are you serious about the feathers??? That almost gave even ME goosebumps!


Now finding those feathers would have given me goosebumps. I love the drawings also.


they were gifts from the faeries! of course, you knew that, didn't you? xo

tammy vitale

wow - you rhymed synchronicities - awesome.
And called those feathers right to you! double awesome.
I have a friend who just published a poetry chapbook on after the fairtale - where she took the known stories further (after happily ever after). I love that stuff!

Lisa 'Oceandreamer' S.

They were special deliveries from the muse...your poem, your art and you...great gifts one and all.

gautami tripathy

What a great flow. It made one good read.


Very cool! You should turn it into a book. And I love your art, here. That is so fun about the feather! what are the odds. You shoud lok up the totem for owl...



Oh Tinker I just adore the face of that owl!


Love it!

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