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August 26, 2007


tammy vitale

Tinker - you made the clothes hanger?! Wow - what else is there to say? Isn't it funny how these obsessions take over? I'm battling the jewelry one right now. But your clothes work makes me want to go play with spirit dolls (not paper, but the same thing, really, I think). You are right: these probably will make a very good self portrait!


I think this is a unique and amazing little hobby you have.
This one is a beauty.


great idea to think of these as self-portraits (i think all our art is a self-portrait in a way as it reflects pieces of ourselves). I love the hanger! and the kite! and the little ant! :-) you're so wonderfully creative. xoxo


Only a few PB&J sandwiches short of a picnic basket? LOVE this Tinker...and it is a great idea for 101 (I'm not finished w/mine either.) Looking forward to seeing you at the Bloglandia Ball.

Lisa Oceandreamer S

I LOVE this one Tink....Ah ha! I told you they're addictive....I cannot stop either! I swear we are going to have to go through a program for it! I went yesterday and bought some paper, paper that fit designs that are keeping me up nights now! LOL!!! and that isn't even for my Ball dress either!(the Ball dress being something I dreamed up and WILL take me a while to do).
But you know what? There are far worse things to take our time away from everything else. Right?
I just love that you're doing these too!!

Lisa Oceandreamer S

oh and I love your hangers....I ordered some with the clips but know I'll have to be making some myself.

Leslie M

I love it! I'm having my own little dress-making frenzy instead of doing the things that really need to be done here too!


When a thing has to be done I guess then it has to be done! There are worse things to get obsessed with I think at least this one is pretty! I love the rainbow hair btw!


Hey, Tink. Love your obcession!!


eb will be proud!
Love the picnic dress, from the sky to the ant on the tablecloth apron.
You are a genius!!!
I love it.


That is a great hobby. I never even knew about it. It looks so good. I like to do bead work but that too very rarely.


Wow I love this ... a like minded creative, obsessive, don't know when to stop, leave the dishes in the sink, kindred spirit ... fabulous!

Paris Parfait

Hi Terri! I missed you and your delightful humour and art. The hanger and the dress are divine and inspiring. xoxox

Paris Parfait

P.S. Will be back in the next day or two to catch up on posts I missed. At the moment, am just having a quick twirl around the blogosphere. xo


I love this. AND I don't believe that pb&j sammies can be too large!


Love love love this! The dress is adorable enough but then to know you also made the hanger....well, you're just too much!


So cute! and what a great idea to have a blog ball. I am heading over there now to check it out!


Dishes and laundry can wait. These are too cute to be put on hold. :)


I love the dresses Tink and your moon shots. Just keep creating. :) XXOO


I LOVE your picnic dress!


wow - Tinker - this is so cool - now you understand the hang-ups? - gettin' back to mine right after art hop...

xox - eb.

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