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August 31, 2007



Yeah... summer works a bit differently where I am. :-P


THankyou Tink!!!! Love the little mermaid on the Bottle..and the lovely words for my birthday!!
I left you a Blue Hawaiian on my bloggie blog!! XXXX
PEace, Kai xx


Oh I love your words Tinker all of them
"Screendoors thunking shut" and your art
is so cool. How'd you do that????
Have a wonderful holiday.

Thanks, Gemma - I e-mailed you the details on the old fashioned scribble, cut and paste how-to's - if anyone else wants to know, just ask in the comments. xo~Tink


I wish I could bottle these words up and enjoy them when it's cold and blue outside.
This is definitely a cut and paste kind of entry. Thanks for sharing your take on summer. I loved it.


Wonderful post! I can almost feel the waves! It's so relaxing! :) *HUGS*

Regina Clare Jane

Oh, this was just lovely! So descriptive of what summer is all about! And you really got me with that little bit about the toasted marshmallows- I haven't had those in a LONG time...
Happy a good holiday weekend, too!


Look at you girlfriend! That was a luscious summer prose that you need to re-post in January. :) Bravo!!!


tammy vitale

mmmmm. Writing to sink into and luxuriate in....but my summer isn't over until I end my vacation the last week - off to OBX! love that place! and maybe Ocracoke won't be wall to wall people like it was on July4 (they were just voted the #1 beach in the nation - the shop owner I work with is ready to crawl on back down to 25 or so...too many people on such a small island!).


The narratie way you moved us through summer was very effective. It was like reliving it one more time. I think many of us can relate to the same ebbs and flows. I am with you Tinker... the day after Labor Day is when fall begins. When I see that first new backpack and hear the first hello from a student I will say good-bye to summer.


Such vivid images! It made me want more!


Wonderful descriptions.


Crafty Green Poet

The photos and the first sentence are just wonderful ...

Pam Aries

Summer...you certainly summed it up! For some of us..Summer is sumptuous...I think everyone knows how I feel about summer! heh heh!


The best ode to summer I've ever read. Delightful. You've hit on so many parts. Bravo!


yes; you are right - the end of summer. (though I am secretly doing a rain dance as we speak)


Great post Tink!!!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

You write so well, I almost wish summer would begin again! I eagerly anticipated fall, until reading this today. Beautiful!


Now I'm depressed. I miss summer already! Such vivid images.


Tinker you have now made me sad to see summer go.....but I do love to reading your tribute so that makes it a bittersweet experience. Just like chocolate easy to swallow.


What a wonderful evocation of summer, Tinker! You've nailed it. In the past few years I've felt like I've been rushed through summer and haven't gotten to enjoy it the way I did as a kid -- and when you're a kid you think they'll ALWAYS be like that, spending all day at the beach, always having sand in your hair, doing nothing with particular enthusiasm. Sigh. I want one of those summers again! A Spanish proverb:

"How wonderful it is to do nothing and then rest afterward."



I am sad that I will soon have to say goodbye to summer.

Paris Parfait

Such a great account of the season! And the images are a wonderful accompaniment - thank you! Happy fall! xo

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