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September 21, 2007


Imelda / Greenishlady

Oh, Tinker, this brought some light to my day, just when I needed brightening up a bit. Thank you.


Happy World Peace Day Tink! I'm glad nothing broke...HUGS. I just bought a swing jacket but I really liked yours. :) Your fall line is enchanting Tink.



What delight these Fall Fashions! I love that gold leaf tiara! All could be worn, you know, for the Bloglandia Ball! And your own fall, and witnessing of the transformation of graffiti into respectful art making with nature is a tribute to World Peace Day... Thank you Tinker!


Imelda, hearing from you always brightens my day.
*added: just came back from your blog - sending you extra wishes for peace my friend, and so very many ((hugs)).

Tammy, thank you. I'm betting you look gorgeous in your swing coat. Hearing from you makes my day happier and more peaceful.

Lea, thank you for your kind comment, and for helping me make some sense out of this post. I think you might have found my point for me - collaborating with Mother Nature, rather than just on/at her, as a more peaceful process is what has been circling through my brain. Thanks for bringing me some clarity.

Paris Parfait

Oh, Terri, your fall fashions are magnificent! They should be on the cover of Vogue and Bazaar and Elle. And what a sad and touching story about your nature walk - awful about the graffiti and broken glass; wonderful about the stacks of stones like little altars. The yin and yang of life these days. What a fabulous post! And yes, wishing for peace for all - xoxox

Paris Parfait

Oh, and happy, happy birthday to Janet!


Your fall fashion show is delightful! I would have trouble choosing and would have to get them all.

I hope your arm is doing ok. You and I must be caught in some cosmic swirl of some kind!!


Those are so cute! When I was drawing faeries (I haven't drawn in so long!) I loved incorporating nature into their outfits. These are adorable!


Thank you, Tara - I like the thought of it being the yin and yang, it makes it all seem more balanced.

Janet, thanks and Happy Birthday again! Hope the cosmis swirl settled down for the rest of your birthday so you could enjoy it!

Thank you, Laini - I love your fairies - both the ones in your Laini's Ladies images and the written ones in Faeries of Dreamdark


So enjoyed my visit and a taste of fall!

Happy Fall, Happy Peaceful world peace day...did not know that, we need healing and a day to think on that is so appropriate.

thank you too for your visit...

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

I, too, love to go through all the new Fall issues of fashion magazines...and yes I get the I want to wear that syndrome (but can't). THEN I cut them all up for collages later..heehee! I love your Nature fashions here and your narrative about each one perfect for the runway!
I AM sorry you took that tumble and ever so glad your injuries weren't worse. I imagine you are a bit more sore today. I want to cry when I see that defiling of nature...I won't even get started on THAT rant!
I will simply wish you a wonderful day....send you love and hugs and hopes you're ok. I am trying to catch up with all your wonderful writing!

Imelda / Greenishlady

Tinker, me again, to thank you for your words of comfort. They really do mean so much to me. Blessings to you.Imelda


Tink, I love your fall fashions...especially the pine cone one!

I know what you mean about graffiti...it makes me so mad to see it. We have one big, big rock between here and Weatherford, Texas, and it is always changing...it's the graffiti rock, and no ones does any others around, so that is good!


wow, you have a lot of coloured pencils..lol
I love the little girl in the autumn leaves Tink, she's adorable..
Isnt mother nature groovie? PEace, Kai xx


geez , Tinker - you are so, so talented! those drawings are delightful!! you need to write a book about them. xo

I hate taggers and I won't say another thing because I always worry about the law of 3 and what you send out comes back...
had to laugh when I pictured you getting up with a bruised ego - did you look around to see if anyone saw you? cause that is what I would do.


What a lovely tale (but not the sore part of your tail!)for how these whimsical drawings evolved! Are those prismacolor pencils? Pueblo? Derwent?

Although not ever able to afford the latest fashions, I also adore looking at those catalogues I think moreso as an adult than as a teen. I even imagine how a room full of real people would act, weearing that attire, like imagine scenarios depending how glamorous, ridiculous, or uncomfortable the fashion is!

Stones also attract me and grrrrr about graffitti. Love that you found stones arranged by someone who also appreciates nature.

You sound great. Happy Fall!

Pam Aries

Hi Tinkerbelle!!! Tee hee..I adore the fall lineup! You are so talented! THe scenery looks gorgeous! I don't know why people have to muck it up with stupid graffiti. I'd like to spray paint THEM with graffiti!!!


Ohhhh wonderful post! I just love the art! That is just so kewl! I like the lady with leaves for a skirt the most but they are ALL wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us! *HUGS*


What a complete fun post! I love fall and these little creatures make me smile.


Lovely, lovely lovely!!!
Happy Fall to you to!

tongue in cheek

Oh!! more more more! Lovely! Charming! Romantic wonders. How delightful!


Stephanie, I think we need all the peace we can get, too. Thank you for visiting!
Lisa, cutting up the fashions for collage sounds like fun. I'm feeling better now thanks - though the ego's still healing :)
Sioux, sad though it is for that one rock, I'm glad they aren't spreading it around on to others. Sigh. It's good to hear from you again.
Kai - I DO have a lot of colored pencils - what's worse, is there are even more that aren't in the picture. I agree with you - Mother Nature is the grooviest :)
Robyn - thank you! and thanks for the reminder about the rule of 3. I'm trying to stay positive...
GeL - there are both Derwent and Staedtler Karat Aquarelle pencils in the picture, but I also have some Prismacolors that aren't in the picture. Good to hear from you!
Pam - thank you, and you're flattering me with the Tinkerbelle's name - wish I had her figure and flying powers - I'm just a tinker, tinkering around with stuff...
Angela - thank you! I think she might be my favorite of the 3, too.
Ang - thank you! and I'm glad I made you smile - it's good to hear from you.
Melba - thank you - happy fall to you, too!
Corey - I'll probably end up doodling a few more before the season's over - I still don't have a dress for the bloglandia ball, though. Must get busy. Thank you for your kind words.
xox to you all.

Art Tea Life

These gowns were all delightfully designed! I love them !
The others should have seen them at The Ball !!!

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