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September 11, 2007


Paris Parfait

I love your fanciful imaginery life and your mermaid! Brilliant, Terri! xo


Loved it! Your imaginary tales are wonderfully funny and entertaining. Um...are you sure that pirate's name wasn't Johnny? Mine would have been LOL
I have to say my childhood imaginary heartthrob hero wasn't a pirate, it was Mr. Clean. STOP LAUGHING!!! okok, I'm going to the writer's site and explore.


I love mermaids. I have always had some kind of fascination for these imaginary creatures.

Your post was an instant hit with me.


Sweet! I loved the part where we, YOU! actually, were feasting on figs with the Bedouin peoples of the desert...
Thanks for the foray into your childhood too, I had a similar overactive imagination. Still do!

tammy vitale

As always, I'd love to live in your imaginary world - it's quite extraordinay! And I can so identify with the bathtub thing. =]


What fun! I was swept away and swept away. What fun!


Wonderful post Tink. This was full of imagery that has your signature all over it. XXOO


I loved this journey with you, and I would want both you and your "other sister" as friends, for what fun the two of you have created here for us to all enjoy! Thank you!


Evocative and a half. :-)


What a great travelogue - it shows so well why these imaginitive fantasies are so fun...


More, more, please! Your imaginary life is better than some books I've read! You sure can paint a picture with words....and with paint, too.


It was so wonderful to see inside your child mind. Clearly you still have a vivid imagination! Loved this.


What a wonderful story/post! You capture the spirit of childhood quite well!


This was fun to read, well-told!


Oh my gosh, this is WONDERFUL! I love it!
Once when I was young, I road a train to see my grandparents, and I talked the whole time to the lady next to me with a southern accent. I made up a whole lame (I am sure) story to go with it. LOL
So can I be on your sinking ship, too? i want to come!

I heart mermaids.


Don't you just love jetting off to London while doing dishes? I want to try that too!

Rob Kistner

What a great read! I want to hear more about Jack... ;)

Glad you're on the island!


What a truly wonderful essay! LOVED it! And as an aside, I loved the detail of the screen door slamming. When I was a child, we didn't have screen doors...it was only when visiting far away relatives that I got to experience them. I thought they were exotic! :) (And always wanted one.) I'm sitting right next to our open one right now. ;)

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