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September 25, 2007



Keys do fit in scemes. We just do not see that at times.

Liked your post!








I can relate to this although not much jewels but yes guarding the children and our key still sings. Beautifully written Thanks and thanks for your visit:)


LOVE IT!!!! TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!!!It was even more than I expected. It says sooooooo much and flows so smoothly from beginning to end. And the picture is fantastic too. My dh is a locksmith and I am going to get him to read this short story of a key. He'll appreciate it. (Well, I think. Do dh's ever appreciate anything? TeeeeHeeee, we'll see) Great job, Mz. Tink.


I find it much easier to write melancholy pieces when I'm feeling content and happy.


Came by your way to say thank you for the comment on my blog. Read over some of your post and was very entertained, I really enjoyed this poem about the Key, also the one about the dog putting the toys away. I to am a "collector" and a lover of "old things". Please do drop by my way again . BE BLESSED :-)


All I can say is, I love it. You always touch just the right key when you write.


I love how you listened to the story and told what came as you wrote... and the notes of b, c, e, so lovely in what they evoke! Just a great piece Tinker, I so enjoyed it!


WOW. This is a good one. I really liked it. =)


btw, i like the illustration as well. interesting key.

Paris Parfait

Oh, Terri this is a fantastic poem! I love how you've condensed the history of the key and its importance into your poem. Just brilliant! xo


This is really great! I see two things -- first, a love story, like The Secret Garden, and second, a murder mystery, like a broken relationship where he murders her out of love, or jealousy, and he secretly hides her body in the house, behind a locked door and....

Great writing!


Lovely thoughts brought by the key that opened a home full of memories and love.

desert rat

Always fascinating to imagine history from an object's viewpoint, which can cross so many generations. Nicely done.


This is beautiful- like the beginning of a fairy tale. I only wish it were longer!


Keys open and key close the doors of our beautiful perceptions.. this is lovely tink..
PEace, Kai xx


Your piece reminds me of all those old keys I still have from all the places I have lived. Oh, the stories they have to tell!

The ball sounds so lovely - I'll be the one peeking in through the window. :)


What a perfect first draft? (I wouldn't change too much) ... this is such a lovely story ... covering all key area's ... love the art work too


I love the way you incorporated musical themes in the telling of the key's history. Personal and poetic at the same time.


I was totally blown away by this!! I
love it and wouldn't change a single word of
it. And the part about the key tumbling with the lock and singing in the different keys was absolutely brilliant and enchanting.


You made me sad for this gorgeous key that once had purpose. It's still does in a way...hmmm.



LOVE this!

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