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September 23, 2007


Paris Parfait

I have no idea what it is - some sort of squash or gourd? But it's a very clever post! xo


I have no idea what it may be! Do let us know when it reveals its identity!!


I have had my own mystery plants. I think they should have contests for us to enter! I love the new heading on your blog. Beautiful.


Not a clue what it is. Love your post tho.


I know! I know!!! It's a melumber... Or a cuklon... or ... ? Nice to grow surprizes in your garden!


What a fun post! Is it sad that I thought "John Cougar Melencamp"? LOL!

tongue in cheek

A pumpkin?
No they already formed.
Oh no my farm girl history is losing its hold... I'll guess it is a crown.


I wonder what it is?!!

Crafty Green Poet

I like nature's mysteries too, when I lived in Malawi, I had great fun with the strange fruit and veg...


Power? What I would give to put a spell..:D


Tara - thank you. I don't think it's a squash, the blossom is so small, a gourd though? Hmm...maybe! Your guess is as good as mine, lol.
Kamsin - I will let you all know as soon as it reveals itself. It's still so hard to tell it's so tiny.
InlandEmpireGirl - thank you! And a contest for mystery plants sounds like fun - what's the most surprising volunteer plant you've found? The fig tree was ours, I think.
Ninnie - thanks! I have no real idea either, but it's good to hear from you.
Bonnie - funnily enough, a melumber or some other hybrid version is what my daughter Bonnie suggested. I hope not though - that doesn't sound very tasty!
Mardougirl - I don't think it's sad - actually it kind of tickles my funnybone that you thought that, too.
Corey - A crown! I like that.
Bella - I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out.
Crafty Green Poet - oh, I bet you had all kinds of strange and wonderful fruit in Malawi!
Gautami - but remember to be careful what you wish for! lol


I must be outta my gourd!! teehee..
I have something "similar" in my potato vines.
I think those are gourds, but my stems are purple, but the same flowers, same green leaves..

I like your John cougar Melongourd!!
Peace, Kai xx

Imelda / Greenishlady

No idea, but I enjoyed the post, and I like that you let it sit long enough to reveal itself. Some gardeners would say "off with its head" as soon as anything unexpected emerged.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Yes, a gourd. Perhaps, a melon?
It will grow, then you'll know.


I wish I could help you, but I have black, black thumbs. Someday I will have a garden and read so many books, I will know EVERYTHING! Whaahaaahaaa!

You should cut it open.

I had to buy new socks. :)

Pam Aries

John Cucumber Melonplant! It hurts so good....does he live in a little pink house like you and me??? Is there a Scarecrow in the garden??? I LOVE him no matter what he is!!!!


Hi there, I am going to piggy back on Corey's guess and say it's a crown for a crow! Who else could wear something so special. Oh wait, I think you were asking about what was underneath the beautiful flower. Who cares, the flower is a gem. Love these guessing games! I know what the weed under it was called by my farmer father, he called it mouse ears and actually ate it! I think they call it chick weed here. Leau


I love the guessing game but I can't play because I haven't a clue. I don't even know the name of the weed but it is a fast grower and has covered the ground where something spit or ... it out. At least it's green, unlike my intended plants.


How cute! You always brighten my day! XXOO

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