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September 18, 2007


sister AE

it is schmaltzy, but lovely just the same.


Like we don't all need a little schmaltzy in our lives! A little love and tenderness is always welcome.


Heartfelt post. Love has a way make us feel tender, softer and all affectionate!

Alison Whittington

I love this story, Tinker. It gave me a lump in MY throat.


It's a tender, heartfelt story and I totally appreciated it. And your little drawing is soft, gentle, and true! xoxoxo


Tinker... I loved the story and how it came prompted from Kara's art, which I too admire and love visiting... I also liked that you didn't censor what came, but shared it... I could feel myself go through so many emotions and feelings as I read your words. Beautifully done and the golden heart drawing is lovely. Thank you!


I think it's wonderful! You always get me with your stories.


Awwww... that is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i love the drawing that goes with it, too. *sniffle*


Thanks for introducing us to Kara. Look forward to visiting her. The little drawing is so pretty Tinker. Giving the gift of your heart is beautiful!


What a wonderful story.....I just love how the creativity flows around and hearts are shared. Love to you Tinker and all those who read your playful blog!


I'm a sucker for a romantic tale Tink. Beautiful gift indeed! XXOO


Yeah, but what do you do when she won't give it back?


Fortunately, Pacian, I think we can grow new ones, if our first ones are broken. (hug)


this just melts my heart, it's a cute story Terri..
PEace, Kai xxx


Tinker - love this...it hits a spot in the heart xoxo

Paris Parfait

What a sweet, sweet story of love. And a lovely gift from Kara! xo


Oh! Sometimes I LOVE schmaltz and this is the time! I'll visit Kara, too - the figures are adorable!


Kara has such a beautiful spirit...and I love her lumps. Wonderful.

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