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September 10, 2007



Forget the grammar, words and intimidation Tink. You have a unique gift of ideas. Put on your outfit and just be you, the rest will just flow. I've seen it! Your biggest fan! XXOO


At Carl Sagan's 60th birthday celebration, his editor or publisher said something like, "Professional writers hate writing. But they love to *have written*."


I am not a writer by any means - I think my writing style is that of a child.. like doing a composition at school about what we did on our holiday..
but one thing you forgot to put in your 'accessory' list is the tongue held between the teeth as you sit and think about what to write....
love this piece, Tinker, who said you couldn't write?? ignore those voices in your head :)


oh and by the way, if I illustrated the above.. I would have 'plot thickens' in the area of my waist and thighs !! hahaha


Ooh, I love it! A magical writing costume! I need one of those too. Such a cute illustration! And I'm so the same way about futzing with words. I can work on a paragraph -- nay, a sentence! -- longer than anyone I know! It's madness. But fun too :-)

tongue in cheek

What a clever idea to use the dress to describe different writing styles. I am glad you didn't delete this post.

Paris Parfait

This is wonderful! And the thinking cap - what writer can function without it!!?? Since childhood, I was told to "put on your thinking cap." And it's always worked, every time. Your illustrations are richly imaginative! xo


wow. i feel like a princess. a writing princess. and nice color by the way. i think it will go well on me. =)


Almost deleted the page?! You tickle me and never fail to surprise me. What a truly original and delightful take on this prompt!


I love your writing accessories!!! The plot wrinkles made me giggle a little. The recipe for the BEST ink made me giggle a lot!!

Congrats on trying the NaNoWriMo!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

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