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October 20, 2007



The lamination process looks like quite an ordeal for the poor girl.

When I need a mermaid, I generally just hatch one from a Mermaid's Purse.

Tammy Vitale

I SO agree about nice plump mermaids. I have a piece with a nice fat mermaid on it - I cast it but the castings have never worked very well. Unfortunately since there is at least one casting out there somewhere, now I feel compelled to keep the original for posterity (Daughter says: keep creating mom - it's going to make me rich when you die. Nothing like daughterly love....)

I love mermaids. I love your mermaid. I LOVE your post about making your mermaid, especially the shutter toe. =]

Great way to start my dat!


Dear Tinker,
Your Mermaid, and your drawing ability is amazing. Thank you for all the hot Mermaid tips. You're the best for sharing.
Happy Sunday!


Wow, this is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


Tinker, this was so fun! You are so talented, your drawing and colorizing..... really beautiful!

Kate Robertson

This is fantastic Tinker! I think all of your focus on detail is what makes your mermaids fantastic. I am putting this on my list of things to try. Thanks so much for sharing this.



Great lesson, girl. I did feel a bit sorry for her tho, when she was going thru that machine. A bit like a mermogram, isn't it? Ouch. And yes, it's strang. Or more like past tense stranged! I'm sure it's stranged. Only you have to say it drawn out, like straaaannnnnnged.

Tink, you are so funny when you write. Love reading your posts. Love your mermaid. The toothpick is good...it's the little details that make your art special. xoxoxo


I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my mermaid..teehee, lest you forget.

I think it's wonderful that you've shared how to make them. I stare happily at mine everyday, but me thinks.. she needs a sister? lol..

peace and love, Kai xx

Paris Parfait

Oh, Terri thanks for the instructions! Wow, such detail and the result is fantastic. Must try this someday, when I meet my book deadlines. :) xo


This is wonderful! I love tutorials because I learn so much from them.



Tink-I love your tutorial. Great ideas and details. I took your pattern and made myself a mermaid out of polymer clay. Thanks so much.


I love mermaids! How wonderful! Thanks for posting this! *HUGS*


This is a wonderful tutorial and I can't draw at all so I thank you so much for the mermaid paperdoll....When I get her dolled up I will post to my blog and come here to tell you or i will post it on Violette's message board..


THANK YOU very much!!!
Remember there are lots of us who aspire to be like you: talented and gifted ;-)
I guess I have something new to play with.
Thank you Always!

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