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October 21, 2007


tongue in cheek

I'd live in your country if you were Queen!


Hail Queen Tinker. Yes disputes should be settled by arm wrestling or rock paper scissors.No more war!!!

Imelda / Greenishlady

I'm glad someone like you has ascended to the throne. I didn't get to play this week, but I'd be very glad to hang around the court of Queen Tink, and I totally approve of all your decrees!


i really like your decrees...especially chocolate...keep at it...blessings, rebecca


Oh please ,oh please..
let's vote for you to be Queen forever!!
what wonderful ideas.. :)
Peace, Kai xx


I definitely think you should be Queen.


i am on your team! not silly *at all*. on the contrary, they are very much insightful.
you have my vote, and i'm taking the liberty of also giving you my family's and all my friends votes!

hail to the queen tinker!


I for one welcome our new Tinkery overlord.


awww this little assemblage is cute cute cute, then cute all over again. and sweet too.

Paris Parfait

Oh, yes, that's it, you should be queen! I would gladly be a humble subject in such a world. Well done, you! xo


If you were Queen..it would be AWESOME! I vote for you! Your Queendom rules! Long live the Queen!


Long live the queen... I can see the two of on the cover of Time eating our daily ration of chocolate and being honored for being artists and teachers. Great post!

Tammy Vitale

I don't guess Queen's get voted in - they just are - but you have my vote! esp about the library card and bonus points and reading to children thing - actually, I think that's a great real world idea with tons of potential and if I weren't focused on my art right now, I'd steal it, find some travel agency partners, and work it for all it's worth. An amazing idea!


I would want to live under your reign, Mz. Tink. Forever! Stay safe! xoxoxo

Alison Whittington

I wish you were queen of the world, Tinker.


I'll be a loyal subject without a doubt! All Hale!


Queen Artist Tinker,
Wonderful proclamations! So many topics of like mind to me, although I doubt I would have thought of them for this prompt. The chocolate tastes wonderful btw and you looked smashing on the cover of Time!


You can be Queen in my world Tinker... heck, you already are xoxo You will look like the Pied Piper with all of us following you....

have a blessed weekend.. enjoy your Kingdom or is that Queendom?


Theres so much I'd want to do if I were queen! I do like the daily choc rations though I'd also have to do that too! xxx

Imelda / Greenishlady

Tink, My geography is poor, but I am concerned... are you in the area affected by the fires? My prayers are going out to all those affected, and I'm hoping that all is well with you and your family.


You have blue blood.
I want you to be our queen!
My vote is absolutely for you.
I am back reading blogs. I had a crazy time in my side of the world but now everything seems back to normal. Thank you for the mermaid post. I am making one for sure ;-)


I Vote for You Tinker to be my Queen. Can I send in my resume to be the Royal chef for all things chocolate?? Then you may need party favors for all of your Ta~do's and I think I may be just your girl!

You Queen Tinker are a Beautiful Soul!
I adore your kingdom! Do you know Somepinkflower by chance?

(Elsa linked this today)


Oh Queen Tinker may you reign in bliss and your decrees be sovereign for ever and ever... your loyal subject... XO

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