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October 19, 2007



i love that these are out swimming!

think i saw one
playing with dolphins
at Marineland here in florida.


i could be wrong
but i think i did
as she was dressed *Just Like This*

thought you would want to know...


I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MY mermaid.. I laughed so hard when you said I should take them all to the Pet shop and photograph them in the fish tank.. :) Right now she is swimming happily with her sisters next to my shells..
thankyou for calling :) It's nice to put a voice to the words..
peace, Kai xx

tongue in cheek

How sweet, and pretty. I like how you took the photo ..in water?

Kate Robertson

I love these mermaids, what are they made of? Are they flat, the pictures don't show that for sure. At first I thought they might be polymer clay but now i am not sure. I need details my friend....



You know lots of artsy tricks and techniques Tinker...lovely mermaids!!!


just delightful Tinker!


Wow, those mermaids are beautiful.


how cool is that - i find myself analyzing it and saying 'how did she do that anyway'!!

Lisa S. Oceandreamer

I LOVE these, I LOVE them. What a fabulous beginning they had and now they are swimming and creating magic in two places.
Oh the things you do create dearest Tinker, you infuse magic in whatever you create.


Awww, lovely.


Mermaidilicious! GO to your studio and make more art! hee hee!


they are beautiful tinker, so magical! the beaded hanging is a nice touch, i love it!


Beautiful mermaids... they make me want to switch places tonight... it is damp, cold, and rainy... their water looks inviting.

Paris Parfait

They are beautiful, Terri! Such lovely creations and the recipients are lucky indeed! xo


You rock sweet woman!
I wish I was Kai.

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