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October 16, 2007



Oh, I like this Tinker..It's a very interesting story. I read it a couple of times, pondering the underlying meaning to it..
You're a good story crafter :)
Peace n hugs, Kai xx


Oh my, what a delicious and intriguing story. I wonder if the bottle will ever be found. Mankind does not seem to be searching for it.

On a lighter note, once I found a bottle on the beach in some seaweed. It was dark and I couldn't see inside and the label was foreign. I decided to open it, and I was very disappointed, because the odor and yellow liquid that came out told me that some foreign sailor probably threw it over as a joke as his ship left our local ports.

Oh sigh, see? If only people like him could believe in a future. GREAT story, Tink!


Beautiful interesting story. I am still thinking over it.


Very nifty. :-)

Like something Lovecraft might have written if he hadn't been a nihilist.

Mary t.

Compelling to say the least!

tongue in cheek

My daughter found a message in a bottle. WShe added her note and threw it back to the sea.

Interesting story and wonderful photo!

Paris Parfait

Well I have to say you had me at the first mention of alchemy, which fascinates me no end. Your story is wonderful, Terri! And the photo is a great accompaniment. xoxox

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

You write like a masterpiece that hangs in a grand museum. Where one can stand before it, or in this case, read over and over....each time making the mind reel with its message. I savor your ability to spin your words like you are weaving a fine silk.
Will mankind ever make Peace the strongest value? we can only hope the message gets through!


You are an accomplished writer Mz. Tinker.
Love the story and all it brings to mind.

Robin from Israel

What an enchanting story (pun only semi-intended)! I love the magic and the granting of sentience to the bottle and the message it carries both within and without.

I'll definitely be back to read more.


Great story even the travel of the bottle is already exciting. Hope the time will come and somebody will be ready to find the message

Tammy Vitale

How fun! I always wanted to find a bottle with a message...guess I am not worthy (yet - maybe next year). A friend of mine sent a bottle out once, but no one found it I guess because she never heard. Aren't bottles adrift with messages wonderful mysteries?!

Pam Aries

Whoa Hoo! You are very talented missy! I loved this tale . It is a very fine story!


how meticulously told and written this is really a work of art,,, as is that amazing picture... bravo!!!!


Oh, I love this! The magic, the reality, the hope and mysticism. It's a lovely piece and the photo is fascinating!


That was brilliant... I loved every twist and turn of words, as well as the bottle..Thanks for sharing.

Alison Whittington

A fascinating story, Tinker!


Wow, Brilliant ... I want to know more, Thank You!


You are such a treat!

I have a bottle given to me when I was 17. I never opened it. Goofy me. I suspected it was a lovecraft ;-)
I guess I have to open it.
(Sorry, I am rambling)

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