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October 09, 2007


tongue in cheek

I read this poem, as if a prayer. to be reborn renewed each day.


This is like a prayer, and could be said daily.

I love "the vows my heart made to my soul in the dark the night before.."

Beautiful poetry and photo.


I always end up breaking those vows, though.


i think i need to begin this ritual.. it seems as tho it would give cause for living each day ,, instead of just existing thru them all... very excellent!!

Rose Dewy Knickers

A beautiful prayer of forgiveness of self and the acknowledgment that every day is another chance for renewal.




"Today I'll be

a better me;

there will be less

of this and this,

and of that and that -"

I like the the open possibilities in here..

Kate Robertson

Lovely Poem, I really love that one passage
"Today I'll be
a better me;
there will be less
of this and this,
and of that and that -" I think that is how I like to live. Thanks,



Great poem and gorgeous color on the morning glory. I have always loved morning glories. Yes, I see the heart. It was put there for you to find. xoxoxo


Ah, the glory of morning and promise. This is lovely and thoughtful.


Yes I see the heart...it is just beautiful...and the new chance we each get every day to be "a better me"
was penned so soulfully by you.
Thank you!


yes, this is gorgeous - and as tongue in cheek commented, its like a prayer to the Self. Thanks for that.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

OH the renewal promises we make ourselves. I loved this, beyond inspirational. Deeper than deep, Tink. I loved this, thank you.

Pam Aries

TINK! This is fabulous! I love love LOVE it! When I read it I felt very calm and serene! It is so true..and to see the heart in the morning glory!!


I totally relate to the feeling of being reborn every morning ... sit up and plan ahead the day ... even if not much comes of it ... still we're presented new opportunities each day ... I'd like to think that the heart shape is the morning glory's way of telling us I love you ... wouldn't that be nice!


Absolutely beautiful Tinker. Thank you.

Tammy Vitale

"vows my heart made to my soul in the dark"....WOW. And the morning glory heart is the perfect accompanyment. What a hopeful, serene poem. Hope and serenity are two of my newest affirmations - thanks for the reinforcement.

Alison Whittington

Lovely, Tinker.


a morning glory heart...i love it...your words are so beautiful...blessings, rebecca


Dear Tinker,
Your words bring such wisdom that tears come to my eyes. Each day a reinvention and renewal of life.

Yes, I do see the heart in the morning glory! It is one of the pretties and most delicate flowers.



in my life
i have found
who find hearts every where they turn
are those
who have tons of heart already.


that speaks well of you,
i think...


This is just lovely....the morning glory is so full of joy just like your poem...a poem of hope everyday....ah what a difference a day makes...!

Hugs Sherrie


I just love the whole thing - the photo - the poem - the soft feel I have now. Thanks!


You were so inspired this past week ;-)
I was so busy with work :-(
I played all day Saturday and part of my Sunday.
You are the lady of the lakes
(I am making a bow in your blog)


So TRUE! Lovely!

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