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October 27, 2007



So glad you're ok, and that your home is, too, Tinker! Love, Olivia


Tinker, I am so glad you are finally home and everyone is safe. ((((hugs)))) I have to tell you that you are not missing anything by not having all those tv channels. I have most of them, and it's a waste because the only one I watch is Discovery, which is a fabulous way of seeing the rest of the world. But mostly I watch the local stations (news) and PBS. I envy you your lifestyle. Don't give it up, ever! When I walk out my front door and look up the street, every other house is a copy of mine. When I go to the store, I have tons of traffic and traffic signals to maneuver through, even if only 2 miles away. The parking lots are filled to capacity. I breathe exhaust fumes daily. Condos are being built right and left, even in this depressed housing market. Even going to the beach is not a pleasure. Everyone from Canada, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York and other points north are here, from October until May. I don't understand why they come here...it's too crowded. And I am, in turn, wishing I could go where THEY come from and breathe the fresh air and walk in the woods and feel the clean mountain air. I envy you just playing with your dog and being one with your surroundings. Never give it up! Thank goodness you're home. Praise for the firefighters! xoxoxoxoxo

Pam Aries

Tinker! I am so glad you are okay! Wow! ...As for TV I wouldn't miss it if I didn't have one! Girl...I a mSO looking forward to moving to Portland! Cool weather and rain look very good to me! ha! I cannot take one more heat laden long lasting summer here!


i am so thankful you are safe at home and you have one...a dear friend of mine does not...such a waste...as for rambling...we all need to sometimes...blessings, rebecca


I LOVE Good Eats! We don't have cable either, though, so I don't see it very often.

I'm glad you are all okay.


The fires were unbelievable....so glad you are home safe and sound. Tinker I watch HGTV and Food channel ....hooked on
them..... usually it's late at night...when I can't sleep. I did see that Halloween cake show. :-)

Paris Parfait

I'm just so happy you're all safe and sound, Terri. I was worried about you. It is heartbreaking to see the devastation caused by the wildfires. France Television has covered it extensively and of course I'd had CNN (Larry King's specials about the fires), BBC and Sky. I hope it rains, rains and rains some more for SoCal. And those firefighters are true heroes. So happy you're back home and ok (and I admit last time I was in the US, when I had a chance, I was glued to HGTV). xoxox


Oh gosh tink,
Im so glad you're ok..
PEace and blessings to you.
PEace, Kai


Glad to hear you are home and safe. I love the Food Network and HGTV.

tongue in cheek

What a informative post. I do not own a TV so my news came from reading the internet and talking to family who live in the area; How frightening, and sad. I am thankful my family, and friends (YOU!) are okay, and I pity those who have lost everything.


Cats fully understand the desire to play with one's food, I think. :-P

Alison Whittington

I am so glad you are well.

I cannot even imagine what it has been like and I grew up in fire land.


I am so glad you are ok.
I guess We are neighbors! Yay!!!
You can be the queen, YES!!!!!

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