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November 15, 2007



How delightful! What a word storm...this is such a cute depiction of what you are going through. You have an uncanny gift with both words and art.


oh, i love this artwork!! it's beautiful!


Wait, did you just say that you "think it worked out sort of ok?"
Girlfriend.. this is beautiful. I *wish* I could create something like this. I am inspired by your art. I'm so glad you detailed your step by step process because I'd like to try something like this.
Really beautiful work!!


Wonderful job! *HUGS*


Um, I think you have invented an entire new art technique, and it came out beautiful. Love the picture. But smeared?? Well, I kinda like schmeered..oh well. I think you have to have some Cuervo for that. Is that part of your novel? I like it!



dropping her in a large birds nest!



does not sound very technical
we all know what you mean,
so it works, i think...


I think this is one of my favorites pieces of art that you've done! Love all the colors!! And thanks for the info about how you did it....and smeared sounds very technical to me!!


just FYI, your "stamped/smeared" technique is called the "direct to paper" technique. That's when you use the ink pad directly on your working surface to colour it.

Just a little tid bit of info I had to share.

Paris Parfait

Your art is fabulous and I appreciate the explanation of how you created the effects. I suspect that word storm swirling about is going to bring you all the tools you need to write that novel! xoxox

tammy vitale

Stamp pads - you use the actual stamp pads - this is marvelous! And oh do I love this picture. I love all the ravens that show up in pictures on these blogs - there are a lot of them - they belong to the Morrigan - a triple Celtic goddess (maiden, mother, crone)....wonderful for November days! And look how carefully they watch over the sleeping woman. Dosen't that make it all so safe and secure?!


Hi Tinker! One of the best things of being home... is that I can come visit. Your creating in word and image just touches me so deeply. Thank you for this rich beauty....

And thank you for the welcome home! I too am looking forward to taking a day and immersing myself in bloglandia!


That girl you created? She is me.

You are a beautiful soul Tinker.


I have a sneaky suspicion you're going to do it this year, Tinker...

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