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December 11, 2007



I so used to love these christmas period moments. Living in NZ now the whole spirit is gone. It's hot, people BBQ with christmas and go to the camping and I dream of a white christmas


I so used to love these christmas period moments. Living in NZ now the whole spirit is gone. It's hot, people BBQ with christmas and go to the camping and I dream of a white christmas


Marja - it's cold here right now - for us, anyway (high 40s-60's F.)*, but usually it's pretty warm here at Christmas, too - right now my hands are so cold, I don't think I'd mind some warm weather right now!
*Just checked the temp, and it's 35F. - hope my poor plants don't freeze!


You captured those moments and the spirit of Christmas so well for us.

Don't worry, your plants will survive!


i don't do much as far as the celebration of the holiday is concerned,, and when i read this i am not so sure i could keep up with it all and maintain a cheery demeanor!!!! kudos!!!

Rose Dewy Knickers

Thank you for sharing your holiday moments.



Kate Robertson


These post was lovely, I will think about capturing some Christmas moments too. What a nice idea.


Paris Parfait

Wonderful images of Christmas moments! Love the picture of the lovely grandgirl! xoxox


Nice post... Its snowing here too... and everywhere I see its so white... getting ready for a white christmas!! :)


i am finding it very relaxing doing december views and am loving the record of my month laid out :) am so pleased you are joining in :) beautiful images of some lovely christmas moments!


oh I absolutely adore the coat & hat your grand-daughter is wearing!!
our 'christmas' day here is supposed to be wet... thunderstorms are predicted!
looking forward to seeing your December moments xoxo


I enjoyed your images of Christmas!


Thanks, Gautami - and you're right, they did survive. It didn't quite make it down to freezing (32F) after all last night. Whew!
Paisley - it can be daunting to try to squeeze it all in - if it weren't for the grandchildren, I don't know how much I would do either, but to see their faces, it all feels worth it in the end.
Rose - thanks for stopping by, happy holidays to you.
Tara - thank you~xOx
Kate, I think it will really simplify things for me. I'd love to see your holiday photos, too.
Preethi - I imagine it's a whiter Christmas there than it is here - the snow is only in the mountains above us, but it does give those of us below a nice view.
Daisies - thank you so much for sharing this idea!
Robyn, thanks! She's actually wearing her great-grandma's (dad's side) coat. I think the hat came from the costuming dept., but it really did lend her stage character that vintage look.
Tumblewords - I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them, it's good to hear from you.


I am glad you are joining the fun with December views! Darlene/Daisies is a gracious amazing hostess.


I too enjoy every moment of the Christmas celebration! Thank you for the wonderful links. Adorable picture of your grand daughter!! I would call this as the kids say a very vintage post...really enjoyable!OMG Tinker....An epiphany....I think I'm vintage!!

Hugs Sherrie


Loved these photographs, precious indeed are these holiday, xmas moments, thank you for sharing.

Mary T.

I love this time of year too! You made it real!


I love the simplicity and beauty of this post in capturing the moments from your heart and putting them here..
PEace and light, Kai xx


I am enjoying the season...especially reading your posts!:-)


i try to stay in the moment...really enjoying everything...the sights and smells and feelings and effects...this was a beautiful post...blessings, rebecca


I'm wishing you peace so you may fully enjoy all the Holiday moments from now through December.

keith hillman

This piece is full of seasonal joy! Lovely.


Thank you for these holiday moments! It is a challenge to make time slow down enough to enjoy all that there is...


That snowman's remarkably happy given that he's probably above freezing.


happy holiday moment to you , too...


when i get things together over here
i am going
to make sugar cookies
and ice them loverly
then eat every last one!

we will see...

i have not even had on
a winter coat yet...
though this one looks *warm*!

[ just thought you should know;
it is 78 degrees in my front yard right NOW ]


there is so much to do- i know exactly what you mean!


Tink, you always find joy in things around you. Can't wait for more!


Tammy Vitale

"happy moments all smooshed together like snowflakes in a snowball of a weekend," - as always the perfect words...I'm having a bunch of moments like that right now. Glad to hear you are too! We have had 60 degree weather for 3days! but they are tempting us with possible "bad" weather (snow) this weekend - I just haven't seen how it's coming in (has to come from the south if we're to get it here in So Md) - otherwise I'm off to an honest to goodness wholesale bead show on Sunday. Woohoo!!!!!


Carmen, thanks - I'm enjoying your views also.
Sherrie - I hadn't thought of it before, but I guess I just might be vintage too, lol.
UL - every moment is precious, but it just may be that the holidays make me appreciate that even more.
Mary, sometimes I have a hard time seeing what's really going on right in front of me - but blogging about things seems to help make it more real for me, and I'm glad it made it seem more real for someone else too.
Kai, wishing peace and light to you, too.
Gemma, thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying the season my friend.
Thanks Rebecca - and like you, I love all the smells of the season as well as the view.
Thank you Kara, wishing you peace this season, also.
Thanks Keith, glad you enjoyed the views.
Stephanie you're welcome, and you're so right - how nice it would be if we could slow the moments down just long enough to enjoy them...
Pacian I think his smile is a ruse - that's why he's by the door - he's getting ready to make a run for it...
SPF - your cookies do sound loverly - as does the temperature in your front yard. Oh to be there, right now...
Elsa, there is more to do than I know what to do with - but it's a lot of fun, too, isn't it?
Tammy, YOU are a joy! More will follow, little by little...
Tammy V., it's hard to believe, but I think you just might be a tad warmer than ours - it was 52 here today (which is nothing compared to other places, but for us it's cold - I know I shouldn't complain - we have it so good here, but we're lightweights - esp. as most of our clothes are lightweight around here :)

tongue in cheek

Smushed together like a snowball, I liked that. I liked the feel of love that resounds in this post. The feeling of anticipation, of memoires coming to the surface. Of joy in the moment!

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