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May 07, 2008



I have loved all of your pics and I love and laugh reading your lovely stories. My family has lots of nuts. I even have a stepping stone well really it is 2, the first one says "My family tree is full of..." and the second says NUTS. Hehehe Love Hugs and Blessings


I've been so busy with my studio tour I've missed your garden tour :( I'm going back and visit them all. I LOVE garden tours, this was is gorgeous!


What kind of family would we have if we didn't have a couple of nuts! I'm the resident nut on both sides of my family!

Ya gotta know I love that purple sink in the potting area!! That woman has great taste in colors!

If you want to do the farm report go right ahead. I know with your gift with words you could make watching grass grow exciting so carrots and radishes will be off the charts!


i find your garden photos so incredibly inspiring as though some day over time, i too can turn my wild patch of yard into something artistically stunning. :) i want an indoor gardening room, tee hee


farm report!
farm report!!!
yes with chicks and eggs and grains and alligators...

{well, we DO have an alligator farm
in my state;
we never know WHAT others have, do we?}


have you a Nubian goat,


I've been enjoying your garden envy and farm reports. ;)


Imelda / GreenishLady

You can't say that's not actual art - the gardens themselves, your photos and your words. It's all art, all beautiful, and all very welcome here!


It's all wonderful and creative art you have expressed here! I am in awe of great gardens and have the respect to know the work that goes into them. My family would be thrilled to hear of a carrot or two coming up! We get excited about cutting off a few chives I grow by the door for our baked potatoes! My dad had a veggie garden when I was growing up and apple trees too! I remember putting up apples for the freezer, and preparing other fresh veggies all summer long!
Wonderful photos and meander through the garden. Going back to read more!

Hugs Sherrie


Fabulous garden - inspires me (yet again) to want to make art for my garden.

And we are doing farm reports here too... salad leaves mature faster than carrots but Jim gets upset when I suggest we ought to eat some already as I've recently read people are now eating sprouted salad in posh restaurants!!!

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