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June 14, 2008



I feel a toast is definitely in order:

To all the Brides and all the Grooms!

And to Tinker for arranging this!


What a wonderfully floriferous wedding you had!

You look gorgeous in your flowery dress and I can feel the happiness as you linked to toast each other.


What a great college of your day! You guys look nice standing upon your own cake.

a toast to you Tinker,
and a toast to Love!

Imelda / GreenishLady

Many happy returns of the day to you! You looked wonderful - and a wedding picnic sounds marvellous. What a great idea! I'm enjoying visiting the brides today. Thanks, Tink, for arranging this.


Mine is up Tink!



Laughter is the glue for sure. You little shrimp! I'm 5'1". lol

Love ya!


what a great june*hunny*moon


i think the couple on top of wedding cakes
should look
like the couple
getting married...

wouldn't that be too COOL!

have no such posting myself
at day's end tonight,
i plan to pop around and visit others.

what a good idea!

{ i love the flowers
dancing around that cake,
even though they are not
somepinkflowers... }

Lisa Oceandreamer

I finally posted!! yay. I chose my own wedding.
That's a fabulous collage and has given me a great idea for a future project.
I think you found your bliss with this one dear Tinker!


I finally got mine up. Well better late than never I guess. I used lots of family weddings that I have made the decorations and flowers for. Made a little movie of the pictures. Love Hugs and Blessings


Ok, I'm incredibly late, but have mine posted finally.

I love your collage. My hubby is a full foot taller than me so I had to laugh that you were on tiptoes and he was stooped down. Thanks for helping me find the time to remember some of my precious wedding moments.

A lovely toast to you on a great June Honeymoon.


When we're all scattered around the world, in different time zones - I don't think there's any such thing as 'late.' If anyone else wants to play, I'm going to leave this open till Sunday evening. A Honeymoon ought to last more than a day!
Hope everyone's having fun at the receptions - I know I am ~
p.s. Brandy, my husband, is exactly a foot taller than me too!


Tink I am such a dumb dumb. I did not even comment on your entry. It was lovely to learn a little about your wedding and see the collage.


Aloha Tink.. Cheers and love to all the Married folks!!!
Peace, Kai xx


Here is mine, also late on this end,,,,but I did get it posted one minute before midnight....I was laughing trying to beat the time! Not that I couldn't roll it back...but it was kind of like I was Cinderella knowing at midnight reality would set in!! lol


Cool collage idea, so delicate and romantic!

Hugs Sherrie


I apologize for not being a part of this as I planned. Just haven't been feeling up to par. I love your collage, and your wedding picnic sounds great.


Tinker...you should be a wedding planner. All of these beautiful weddings and receptions, cakes and champagne went off without a hitch. Thank you for helping us discover beautiful wedding memories.


Hello Tinker! What a fun post! My anniversary is in June and I sooooo enjoy wedding cakes and all that they symbolize and how different they can be!

I love the collage and the reception you've created here! Thanks for having us over to celebrate! XO


I've already gone to my first June wedding of the summer. I love weddings, too.


Lovely collage!

Nature Remains

What a coincidence!
My daughter was married Saturday!~
Can I be added to your list? Thanks!


Oh, but of course, Nina - what a happy synchronicity!

So lovely to meet and dance with you - your tribute to your daughter's wedding has been added now. Congratulations to the happy couple - and the proud mother of the bride!

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