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June 08, 2008



What absolute sweeties!

Glad you have found a way to use feedling times productively too...


You have the most adorable babies! Didn't know you were expecting. (your kitty that is)
Cat's are so beautiful. Some of the most glamorous creatures on earth.
Why are you bottle feeding! Is everything alright?
Thinking happy thoughts for you Tink!

pam aries

AWww! Kitties are the best..or maybe puppies..or bunnies..lambs...chickies! I love thwem all. I bottle fed my cat Tripp!and his brother..but his brother died at 3 years of heart failure. how are you Ms, Tink1 I miss blog a logging every day!

Imelda / GreenishLady

I know they would make me itch and sneeze, but they are so cute, I could endure it for a little while! Bless you for looking after them.

I heartily approve of your movie choices!


The kitties are soooo cute! Their little faces are just adorable. I wish I could have them all but HB would "kill" me!!


OMG, kitties!!! love, love, love kitties..lol.
you know how to keep me reading your blog... :)
Peace and hugs, kai xx


Awwwwwwwww....... they are SO CUTE!!!!!

*petting the kitties gently.*

This makes me long for Psychokitty's younger days!

Tammy Vitale

look at those eyes focused on that food - if that kitty could levitate that food into its mouth, it most certainly would! My pug dogs have that same look. They try really hard to levitate food too, and also grandson's smaller toys, and the little one likes pens and pencils and paper and check books (ugh) and ....well. What cutie pies they are and you such a good mommie!

Paris Parfait

Oh, they are so sweet! Have missed you, Terri! Hope your summer with the grandgirls is off to a good start. Will come back to check out your bevy of brides, which I just heard about today. xoxox

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