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June 16, 2008



Tinker it was lots of fun - thanks again for organising it - I'm so glad I didn't miss it!

Hope you get a good nights sleep - if you see the seller of dreams ask for something relaxing...


It was fun, brought back good memories and I got to meet your friend's.

Love ya,

pam aries

Hi Tink! Oh..I missed it all! I hate not having a computer! It is baaaad really baaaad! ha I so miss my blooging every day! Love ya though!


Oh I missed it!!!
I apologize.
But for sure next time!!!
I have been busy in my garden mostly, ok yes, with some mundane stuff too, LOL


It was fun!!!So much love out there. Cheers to all honeymooners...even the unmarried ones.


I must go 'round and visit all the weddings...I've been away at that other June tradition...graduations!!


Tammy Vitale

As always you think of the most wonderful gatherings in cyberspace. Sorry I had to miss it! Time just ran away. We enjoyed a Bolivian wedding on the 14th and it was way lovely! I wish I could speak Spanish! Husband notes he will follow up with his friend to find out symbolism of so many things I have questions about!


I had fun.. even though mine was simple.. it seems that people who visited fell in love with the little girl that I once was :) x0x0 thankyou dear Tinker xoxo


It sounded like so much fun, but alas I was swamped with end of school year stuff... hopefully another time.

Paris Parfait

So lovely and romantic! What a great wedding coordinator you are...: ) xoxox

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