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July 11, 2008



So pretty! I'm sure if I made them they'd not turn out so well!! But it's always fun to see other people's handiwork!


Wow what wonderful wild hair your flower fairies have!

Yours have come out really well.


they are WonDerFuL!!!

and freda
EXACTLY like me...


{{ in my dreams }}

lovely to be the royal WE
lovelier to have grand*girls
over to play,
i would think...


These made me smile, what a simple and fun Idea Tink. thanks so much for sharing.. :) Peace, Kai

Tammy Vitale

I am jealous of your grand girls. I have only a grandboy, and while I love him dearly (and am surely not lobbying for any more grand anythings), I do miss that girly stuff. Grandboy is more into cars and, well, guy stuff. He and Husband have a great time. I enjoy from the side lines. But it would sure be fun to create some fairies and hide them around the yard....


Ooh Happy Fairy's! I have a feeling I know someone or a few "Royals" shall we say, who think they have ONE COOL GRANDMA!
There are never enough accessories if your a fairy, no matter how tall or small you may be!!
So glad you girls brought these fairy's to life!

Tammy Vitale

p.s. Gave you an award over at my blog....

A Fanciful Twist

Awwwweee, How cute and perfect!!!

Lisa "oceandreamer" S.

What an absolutely perfect project to do with the grandgirls. These flower fairies are magic and charm personified! And oh the photo shoots you can do....you may find yourself carrying them around in case you come across another setting. I mean if I can bring Storybook Dolls to the Vortex in Sedona......well you get my drift.
I LOVE these, can't wait to see more more more!!!
Love and hugs,
p.s. notice I have a brand new blog now, I hope you'll stop in!


so delightful! thanks for sharing the pictures and the links to the multiple how-to's!


What a very cool grammy you are. I used to paint with my grandma, and it was the best.

Maybe the kids and i should try to make these ladies. But is georgie too little, you think? She woudl still have fun.

Hope you have been having a good summer.



I think I'll stick to my origami cranes. The guys at work already think I'm strange enough...


making those little faery gals... with your grandgirls was making magick memories xo

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