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July 28, 2008



Another one where you have me laughing! The noive!

I agree with you about all the new-fangled ways of doing things. How on earth did our grandparents ever manage?!

It's good to see you drawing again. I miss your art.


I like your 'canned' illo...nice long post, thanks for catching me up...


Isn't it interesting how we got by for so many 1000's of years without people telling us how to can?
Like your drawing very much Tinker!



Yes...you yam what you yam...

such a funny post, as always. I wonder that too with all the rules and safety precautions we have in so MaNY areas.

Well, I can imagine that that's spinach in those jars, lovely drawings I think!!



Canned heat in my heels...


"Ug, ug, ug." as a certain sailor might say. Because that is how muscular sailors laugh.

PS. Just don't trust anything you hear from food science this century (or any previous one). No one has yet figured out how to design a good experiment to test ideas about food/diet/vitamins etc. :-P


So much fun...theres no canned laughter here... it's the real deal Tinker as always!!! Just like the green beans my mama canned, home made bread with real butter I grew up on. The old timers really did have it figured out.


Love the canned popeye Tinker. I cant imagine any can holding him for long. Well done.


Hehehe you canned Popeye!!!!!

Tinker, my pink slipper was mysteriously taken from my house too!!! I think I'm seeing a pattern here...



I think it's a lovely sketch! :-)

Lisa "oceandreamer" S.

I LOVE your sketches and your clever play on words - both in art form and writing form. I just can't wait to see where your post will take me and by george (do people really say that?) it always takes me to interesting places.
When I read "the noive" I instantly heard the cowardly lion saying that! ha!
I agree about what once was considered fine now seems to be something that can harm us. I think about our grandparents and great grandparents - all the things they cooked, canned, made, picked, washed etc. to survive. AND survive they did. Sometimes I wonder who is doing this research!
Anyway, sorry for the rambling comment!
Love and hugs,


Your sketches of canning are lovely. I love to can and I just do what my book says... I guess I better check the copyright of the canning book now! lol

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