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July 26, 2008



YOU are BRILLANTE, (shyny, sparkly, enlighted, illuminated)!!!
Perfect Award for you!
I love all the characters!!!
They all have their charm. I mean, For me, The wizard of Oz has the Best quotes EVER written.

Tammy Vitale

I think I was always Dorothy because she had Toto and I've always been a big fan of dogs, so...Later on, there were days, when I mostly identified with the Wicked Witch...did you ever read any of the other Oz stories? I neighbor had them all. Can't say I remember much (loooooooong time ago), but I do remember making it through all of them.

Artbrat (Brandy)

What a lovely time you described. So glad you had so much fun out with the girls. I got to be Glenda when we put on that play waayyyyy back in 2nd grade. Now there are some memories.

Have a great weekend.


Love the toes! This is a fun glitter toe day!


So hard to choose a favorite character. Love all those guys. Can a song be a character?
I vote for:
Over a Rainbow.
Hey we can skip down the YBR together with our twinkle toes.


Ooooh love your little toesies! Isn't it weird how similar the glitter girl toes are? LOL


I haven't seen the Wizard of Oz for a long, long, time and never ever made the connections between the farmhands and the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow!


Lovely! Sounds like the play was lots of fun.

Cute toes!

M. Trigos' Art

Great time you and your girls had, wow! Excellent description, I would have loved to be there. You are a trip! ;-)


Hey girlie. Just stopping by to say hello. So...the Tin Man, and the Lion and the Scarecrow are the farmhands? Hmmmm, wonder how come I never knew that. ;) Nice toes...'specially that 2nd long one. Looks like mine. xoxoxo


Yes!! Me too. Oreo! I thought it was Oreo, till today! Glad you had a great time the other night!! Your toes and sandals and you sparkle. Did you know that if your second toe in longer, it means you are artistic? I believe it's true!!!
thanks for your kind bday wishes!


Isn't summer great when you can have such fun entertainment in your local park? We have free concerts just up the street from our house and it's always fun.

Love your glittery toes! I forgot to do mine!


oh i love over the rainbow! Your toes look so awesome......i'll bet you're going to get lots of compliments!

Lots of love,

Lisa "oceandreamer" S.

How fun to see a stage version! I LOVE that movie!
I think I favored the scarecrow - I think it was his loyalty to Dorothy. but in the end when the Tin Man says "now I know I have a heart because it's breaking"....well that got to me! I did want to be Glynda though- and you're right about bubble travel!
Your toes look fun and glitzy...I was a bad GPS and forgot (besides I really need a pedicure and no one wants to see the "before"- glitter or not!
Love and hugs,

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