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August 18, 2008




jumping up and down
clapping hands..


yes, yes, YES!

great post from appreciative YOU!


~~ secret parks come
to those who believe ~~

{{ i just made that up
for you }}

i am a bit sorry
there are no trolls;
maybe i could send you
one of mine.....

Tammy Vitale

oh-what a lovely post to finally get back online to visit with! Those pictures are wonderful - the one with the tree and creek higher up? absolutely sublime. I'd travel across county to sit and visit with the wee folk who protect it! Thanks for sharing.


I would love to explore this place with you - you see so much magic!


I believe in the power of dragonfly dreams!!!


What a wonderful little treasure to have in your area! I'm sure if more people could read your description of it, the place would be overrun with visitors! Who wouldn't like to catch a glimpse of fairies and trolls....and dragonflies.


Aloha Tink,
I got "bitten" by a blue Dragon fly once and Ithus began my facination with them :)..
They are darling and intreguing.. thanks for sharing..
Peace and light, Kai xx

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

I also believe in the power of dragonfly dreams.
It takes someone special to find a tiny enchanted forest such as that. You have to have intuition and belief yourself......I bet some don't see it because they just don't believe.
One day someone will come upon it with an open heart (like yours) and say aloud "has this always been here?"
Love and hugs,


YOU are pretty enchanted to capture that beautiful dragonfly...that's an amazing pic!!



Wonderfully thoughtful words, beautiful pics. I was wandering around that little piece of heaven with you. Perhaps you should make a little troll and put it under the bridge. See how long it stays there. I sometimes paint little rocks and put them in the fountain at work. They disappear. Do you think fairies take them? xoxoxo


Luckily for me, one of the Enchanted Places on earth is my backyard. I live in a very quiet neighborhood, with a very private backyard. I have created a lovely garden (which is tons of work for upkeep but worth it. As I sit here, a butterfly flys by, a pair of hummingbirds are arguing over my monarda, a flowering tree wafts perfume over the whole yard. And no one has the potential to despoil my tranquility. I love it.

patry francis

What a beautiful, HEALING post and photos, Tinker. Thanks for these and also for your support during my illness.

A Fanciful Twist

What a perfect little undiscovered spot!! Just for you it seems ;) I love bridges and ponds...


Dragonfly dreams. That's a clear winner of concept of the week for me. :-)

Jennifer Rogers- Daniels

Hey Tink!
I know where that bridge is! But I didn't know all that other cool stuff was there as well! Lucky you to have discovered it!


Yes, thank you!

"Perhaps the strength and beauty of their dreams is so powerful, that belief alone preserves and protects their charming little kingdom. Even if the force of keeping the dream alive against the winds of fate and change, may tatter their wings - they know they must still keep dreaming the dream, and never stop believing in it. Not even for a minute. That's what it takes to make dreams come true."

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