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January 09, 2009



HB told me there was an earthquake last night but I didn't feel it. Then I heard about it on the news and knew he was right. I'm glad you're ok. Stay calm, rest, and feel better.


scary, scary...I grew up in California and remember our earthquake drills. I actually believed that my flimsy desk could protect me.


Wow - I do hope you are feeling better soon - it sounds like you've been shaken up in more ways than one.


I'd love to laugh at your dizziness during earthquake season but I seriously hope you feel better soon.


*Clearly* she's riding a make-believe motorcycle.

I'd kind of like to be in a small earthquake one day. But I wouldn't like one to come and find me at home. All my books would fall off the shelves.

Tara Bradford

Oh my! Sounds like bed was/is the best place for you to remain until you're feeling much better! Poor you - all that and an earthquake to boot! Hope you're on the mend soonest. xoxox

pam aries

Whoaaaa...girl! Earth shakes and shakey viruses. Dang! I hope you are feeling better.Shake your booty!


Glad you're feeling better. Only you could make illness so comical. hehe


You have really been through the wringer! Hope you are ALL done with this stuff.

AND, yikes, did you at least move your bed under a doorway...


I didn't even know there had been an earthquake... I just wrote about the Northridge earthquake, actually (I moved my blog, but I hope you can still find it through my blogger profile)...

I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well... hope you are better now!

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