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August 25, 2009



These latest pages are great! Your art always has such a soft, dreamy quality that I just love.

For scientific research, I love root beer floats but I also like 7-up with peppermint ice cream....very cool and refreshing when it's hot. But I haven't seen peppermint ice cream in years!!

Kate Robertson


Love the drawings especially the yellow submarine.

I like root beer float and huckleberry shakes. mmmm,



In the spring our class did a science project using Diet Coke and Mentos. After dropping a handful of Mentos in a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke...the coke floated up out of the bottle about 6 feet in the air.
Would love to try Bubble-up and Mint Chip.


Yellow submarine...you are right, takes me right back and 7-up plays a role. They had some sort of contest in connection with yellow submarine...am I crazy, is this a real memory?


weather has been strange all around. Very cool summer here, our first high 90's day just this week. It's felt fall like most of the summer so I'm curious to see what fall actually serves up.



Mermaid Love!
You have a nice one.


Oh my gosh I had forgotten all about those strawberry sodas. In glass bottles! I did coke floats. Made from fountain drinks. And I know where there is an old timey type drug store with a soda fountain and large black and white tiles on the floor and high stools and a milk shake machine. xoxoxo

pam aries

Yuo never fail to mause me with your stories! Your art is divine...I loved Cherry smash! WE used t o order thEM AT THE COUNTER OF THE LOCAL DRUG STORE. GEEZE.. AM I OLD OR WHAT?! oops caps lock...

pam aries

Dear Lord..I need t o preview my comments before I post...so many typos. I meant t o say amuse..


What a treasure of journals you will have to pass on to your loved ones. They will be filled with joy simply looking at them. Wow. How did I get there with all those lovely lively bubbles to float me elsewhere.


Last night there was one of the Harry Potter films on TV - the one with mermaids... and the full sailing ship that submerges under the waves so must really be a submarine...

Love your pictures more.

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