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August 03, 2009



What a fabulous idea, making your own country. That was obviously lotsa fun. You are so creative with your girls, Tink! And now, watersplashing, bubbleblowing, and, um, maybe a watermelon seed spitting contest? I wanna play too. xoxoxo


I want to move in to the Imagi Nation. Is there any property up for rent?

You clever girl~

Glad you have fun with the girls. How are the cats? Are they still infatuated by your floor shrine?


Now that you've discovered the Imagi Nation, You will always have somewhere to go and something to do even if you don't leave home!
Hope you have fun.


Making up your own country is something that my son, Ross, does in D&D. He has a lot of fun doing it, too. It does sound like fun.

pam aries

I LOVE it all! I made an imaginary map//I'll try and post it this week. It was the land of Artopia! haha I mailed your wand on Wednesday morning so be on th lookout!


Love the way you entertain yourselves and also the rest of the entertainment too... its all so entertaining... mmm... I think I'll make up a country called Enter Terrain!

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