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August 11, 2009


beryl singleton bissell

It is so great to get back to you, and discover why I so enjoy your posts. They have such spirit. As you so warmly express it, may everyone find what "floats their boat." Truly, that would make for a delicious world.


yes to the photos
more YESes
to this--->
the process of your art!


i am so with you
on this front...

take the photos
write the story

how indulgent art can be,
should be, really...

{{ that is my take on it:
Show your passion ♥ }}


I love hats too... and to eat... and to see your photos and to read your writing...



what a fantastic post! I wanna find what floats my boat too and I want to swim for it.. pretty much what I said in my post also.. funny we think alike !!
if you buy that little boat, I promise I will come with you on river cruise picnis.. we can make bunting to hang around and lots of baubles too.. a little picnic basket full of goodies and our toe nails painted bright red, peeking out of our sandles..

pam aries

I heART clam chowdah!!!! Have you ever heard Lyle Lovett;s song..If I had a Boat? it is a fave of mine. Did you get the wand yet???

pam aries

Yay..I saw on the GPS that you got your wand!


I like that little boat with the canopy too. I think I could take a nice nap in it...bobbing up and down.....and listening to the water lap, lap, lap up the sides, and snoring....oh, sorry, I dozed off there. Nice sunset pic you took! xoxoxo

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