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September 04, 2009



Good luck. I don't know how I'd answer those questions either.

Miss Becky

oh, i love that you included an ear of corn in your dreamboard! someone once said to me "on the other side of fear is success", and I believe that. hoping your dreams come true...


lovely dreamboard. i hope all of your dreams become realities :)


I'm celebrating with you the courage to dream, to put it out there, especially when it was harder than expected. Yay you!

Your dreamboard is so exuberant! What lovely colour and abundance. May each dream that's showing up on your beautiful board find its way to you.


May all of those simple solutions and beautiful things come your way.Like you I have not done a dreamboard in so long. This is very special.

The Other Laura

What beautiful colors! I love the corn too.


Beautiful dreamboard with dazzling colors.... it inspires me tremendously. Many blessings as your dream unfolds!


Beautiful college visioning board Tink. Hope ALL of your dreams come true!! Somepinkflowers is encouraging me to do one and you are too. I'm in a place almost ready for that, thankfully.

What I've learned:
I did a visioning board and ALL of my wishes came true. It's kind of funny I wasn't specific about something: On my collage I had a photo and words: live on the central coast. Well we ended up living on the central coast on the other side of the united states!!! ;-)

Happy Sunday,


lovely dreamboard, love all the colors.


Lovely! I too find it fabulous that you added an ear of corn to your board -- there'll be no question, when looking back, what time of year you were reflecting on.


Denise Tucker

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Happy blogging and tinkering...

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