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September 03, 2009


pam aries

I love all your Septembers .. Very cool idea...It reminds me hw long it''s been since I have seen a Fallish September. I always thought of September as beginning of Autumn when the leaves change cooler weather..like when I lived in Wv !


I'm so jealous that you got rain! I think I forgot what it looks like so thanks for the pictures.

We get those mushrooms in our yard, too. I don't know what they are but sometimes they're huge!

Love your September drawings.


Hi Janet - I told the clouds yesterday, to go to your place next. :) Hopefully they'll find their way over there soon! Rain wasn't even forecast for here - it just sorta came outta the blue. Another cool thing is, on the radio program I'd been listening to the night before - on the Intention Experiment --- the host had asked everyone to picture rain coming down and stopping these fires. So I wonder if maybe all the listeners helped bring those rainclouds in?!  I'm picturing a cool gentle steady rain, over your way now, and putting out those fires.
Hey you never know what might work.
Hope you get some relief soon!


Don't apologise for taking photos of changes in the weather - I remember long, long ago when I was in Greece with my mother we'd had unclouded skies for days on end so when a cloud appeared I had to photograph it - a Brit photographing a cloud just because it was there! :-)

I'm glad your fireman had a little help putting out the fires - it can't be easy to live with them - the fires, not the firemen...

And what a fabulous face that photo makes with a saucer for one eye, fungus for the other and a label for a mouth - it looks a little round eyed - maybe a bit scared too!

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