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November 30, 2009



I never think to draw those everyday items. Your husband's coffee pot looks pretty good to me....and especially after you said you used a mechanical pencil. I can't draw with those things!


As you said, sketching "ordinary" objects makes us open our eyes and see more than we usually do. I like your sketch I could almost smell coffee from here !


This is great and so is your other work! I love your designs and sense of humor as well! I'm glad you finally showed it to us! Good job!


Ah, but you could have made art with that spilled tea! I've seen people do it (though I've never given it a go myself!)

Great sketch, especially to get that much tonal work in with a mechanical pencil!

pam aries

AS much as I like ooffee ..you know I love this drawing! I am sorry i didn't get to take you upon the spilled art! THings are busy here!


Congrats on doing a challenge and sharing it with our group. Great job!

Catherine Denton

Love this! It's how my coffee pot often looks. I predictably fix too much because I always think I'll want more than I do.

Never thought about the writing on top of the pot. You had me running to the kitchen to read it. ;)


This is great - so glad you decided to post it. Looking forward to more...!!

shelly mcc

Wonderful coffee pot sketch!


Good sketches. I liked them.


well thank you very much for the coffee! it's very nice to be able to have some here since i currently cannot over here where i am- well, i can have a cup every now then i guess.
i love the pot- you are a wonderful artist and i am glad you do sketch even though you say you do not enjoy it as much
i *always* enjoy looking at them myself!

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