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November 22, 2012



Hello dear Twinkly Tinker friend,
It makes me happy to read about your bountiful Thanksgiving with your family in the messy kitchen together!! What a warm heart and kitchen you have filled with love and laughter and delicious smells are wafting all the way to my studio in Texas.
Why I am grateful is for how you took the time to care about me when I was going through this time!!


Do your cats approve of the Lilliputians?


Tinker We are blessed to have messy kitchens and family to make the messes
..Your bounty looks YUMMY.
I count you among my blessings a true heart. Come over sometime and we can make a mess together.


Reading your posts always make me smile. They're like a warm hug from a dear friend. I love hearing about your bountiful garden and your messy kitchen (couldn't be worse than mine!) Happy Thanksgiving to you a day late!!

PS - I'm going to try the caramel apple butter!


Oh yum, all that apple stuff!


Thanks, everyone - the yumminess was truly a family collaboration. And I almost forgot to mention my oldest grandgirl collaborated with me on the sugar & spice leaf cookies, for which I'm so grateful.
Constance: I'm not sure if they so much Approve of the Lilliputians, as much as they are fascinated... Hard to tell with cats, for sure, though. They like to play it cool, you know ;-) xo
Gemma: I definitely count your friendship among my blessings!
Janet: If you make some let me know how yours' turns out!
Judie: Wish I could share the yumminess with you. Most of it is just sweet memories now ;) Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! xox

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