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December 02, 2012



Well done for keeping your blogging going and for making all these thing - my absolute favourite is that owl - but don't tell the others it wouldn't be fair to have them fall out over something so trivial...


Congratulations on seven years of blogging! And how is it that I didn't know you had another blog? Where have I been?!!

I like the ornaments you've been making. Happy Holidays to you, too!


Caroline, I wouldn't dream of mentioning it to them ; )
Janet, I only used it for a few months when I first began blogging, but every once in awhile, I pop over there to dust the place off...
Thanks for the blogiversary wishes, Caroline & Janet!


p.s. Apparently I was the only one seeing those links. It appears I have some spyware to clean up when I get back...Sorry to bother you, Typepad!

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