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April 30, 2013



Wonderful to see you here again Tink.. Blogglandia missed your delightful wit. I love the charms and magnetic sillohuettes.
How did you get them so small? So curious. I am working on an old time ptoject & would love to include some bottle top art like yours.

Terri,  the tinker

Thanks, Gemma. Reduce your images down to 20 or 25% when printing. Will do a how-to on those and working with shrink plastic, if there's interest. Let me know.
p.s. Forgot to credit that last photo. That gnome and his mushrooms live in my sister's lovely garden.


Missed you Tink. Always do. You have been very busy, I see. xoxo


Um....wait a minute. You said "some that will go to the shop, too". What shop??

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