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June 21, 2013



It's already past but happy first day of summer to you, too. I think your watercolor painting is the perfect way to celebrate. Fresh, bright, and peaceful...with a few friends!


As always, awesome art you do. I have a duck pond too. In case you didn't know, "quack" means "bread", "quack-quack" means "more bread" and...well, you know. Ahhh...Summertiiiiime..... and the livin' is easy...


Lovely painting, fun duck conversations, hope your walks with K are cool. It's so hot here. DO you still keep your bra in the freezer.
xoxxo Love you


My ever so talented friend T, perhaps you and PJ can take this walk one day. xoxoxo


{{ we have ducks
at our library* pond
i love them
from afar ...

i shoot photos
have never thought
to paint them !!

your sweet painting looks
as if from a child's story book,
book*worthy }}

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